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Fall is in the Air

The leaves haven't quite changed but some of the very tips are starting to curl. It's still warm but comfortable. The punishing summer has left (knock on wood). It's fair time and we've got pumpkins ripening in the garden. I'd post a picture but there are too many weeds surrounding those said pumpkins and I'd just be too ashamed. How is that for honesty?! 🎃

I had a fun project this September. Someone requested a gift for a relative with a pattern so I took their family photo and used the exact colors using the Adobe Capture App and made a fun fall pattern and it was made into a tea towel.

I loved the way this tuned out. I am going to be adding more art soon and some will be for sale so hang tight! It is hard to devote 100% to my artwork with this new house build. It is more time consuming than I ever imagined! Pics coming up soon with that as well.

The kids are enjoying the season and staying busy themselves. Belle participated in the "Pig Scramble". It is essentially a race to earn a pig but the catch is... well, you have to catch it! It is a muddy muddy mess but oh so funny! Liberty has worked and worked with her Aunt Kendra and it has all paid off, she has just won a saddle, two trophies and ribbons. WOOT WOOT!

More to come soon! Thanks for stopping by!


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