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Ok, to say we've been busy is an understatement. Spring came for about two weeks and then a grueling summer. Just as last summer, it... well... wasn't great, as far as bugs and heat go anyway. But I won't complain because we got to spend a couple of weeks in paradise. I did nothing but lounge, paint, and read. Heaven! The kids played and swam and the food was GREAT!

Hopping back on the band wagon now. Loving that family and friends are asking for more updates on the blog so away we gooooo!

I have hundreds of pictures that I could post. The beauty was other worldly! I have so much to share but also so much to do. More coming soon! The house build is very much underway and framing is almost done! SO VERY MUCH GOING ON! Hang tight friends! Or as my new surfing t-shirt says "hang loose." 😉 Be back soon! CHEERS!

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