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You Give Me Fever

Spring fever… ah yes! Every year I seem to come down with a case of it. This year is no exception. Especially when I see beautiful things appearing all around me.

This is our first spring at the farm of charm and I am loving these little surprises I am going to watercolor these cherry blossoms. The different shapes of pink. The water droplets. Bellissimo!

More to come from this beauty!

The warm weather and sunshine makes all of us want to get outside, even my wee puppy Rooster. We decided to take a stroll to our favorite hideout.

My other handsome boy is a real STUD. Ha! Stormy, the best looking horse we have! 😉

More to come. Finding the time to update is more challenging than I originally thought. Go figure! Never a boring moment here for sure. 💕

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