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Canine Inspiration

One of the many life lessons that I have learned is that inspiration can come from anywhere and at any time. I just happen to be the proud owner of the most handsome dog in the world and I think that his big nose is adorable. The "boop" kind of nose that you HAVE to touch. He's a big boy but that doesn't stop me from letting him sleep at the foot of the bed.

No judgement! You would let him too, he's that cute!

I decided he needed his own blanket and it kind of just took off . Dog noses are... everywhere! Once you see it you won't be able not to. And then some more! Perhaps puppy nose towels next? Just kidding, maybe I'll stop here. 😉🐾

Rooster's nose (yes our dog is named Rooster! 😆) is LARGE and I love it. Give me all of the boops!

Here is the bedding that I'm sure will be pup approved. I've also made it available for sale in my shop!

I've decided to add more of these canine inspired designs to my shop as well. Navy is my absolute favorite color ever. It goes with everything and my heart just feels happy with it.

Do you have canine inspiration in your life? I love me some puppy love and I think it is starting to literally show. I'm good with it. Boop!

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