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Kindred Spirits

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Kindred spirits I say because we all love a

food truck! Here they are following the feed wagon. Everyone is ready for some LUNCH! I love this picture. It wasn't altered at all. Just a moment caught by my humble cell phone capturing a beautiful blue sky and some fuzzy hungry fellas.

We are doing rotational grazing and needed to move the calves to a different pasture so they were tempted by the food to move. That works for me too!

But not every day is fun and pretty with the calves. I was told “not to name them” but I couldn’t help but name a couple of my favorites. One in particular was so small with the biggest eyes and was very interested in our Rooster pup (yes our dog is named Rooster 😂). But he got sick and didn’t recoup with medical care. I will miss seeing this guy.

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What an adventure!

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