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And then it was autumn.

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

When considering small town… scratch that, RURAL living, one would probably conjure images of people lazily swinging on porch swings, maybe sipping lemonade or some ice tea. Some may envision freshly laundered sheets blowing on a close line in the yard. This is more like the image that I had in my mind when we arrived on the scene but reality set in and it set in quick.

There is no porch swing. No one wants to be outside in the summer. When I tell you that the bugs were outrageous, please know that I am being sincere. Our first night here I cried as I vacuumed bugs off of the ceiling until midnight. There are big bugs, tiny bugs, and all sizes in between. Time spent outside was kept to a minimum. There were many days that the heat index was up to 115 degrees. Did I mention there was a major drought? Cue the lemonade!

To demonstrate just how big some of these creatures are I’m sharing a video of a huge yellow garden spider that started violently swinging on her web. I cannot believe I stayed around long enough to video it. Perhaps my legs were just frozen in fear!

There has been breath taking beauty to go along with the not so enchanting insects and intense heat. I am going to add a picture dump to hopefully help your racing heart after watching the spider do her thing. Ok, maybe it was just my heart and maybe I’m doing the picture dump because I have failed at keeping up with this but I have been so very busy. I wanted to document this, all of it. So I suppose I’ll have to do it this way today.

Though the summer seemed long I noticed when days started to become shorter. School started and the frenzy began. Cattle coming in and children going out. Busy busy busy but here are a few of my favorite captures of time.

You can scroll through the slider to see some of our furry friends!

And then here is my best friend, the one and only, Sir.

Time has slipped away as it always seems to do but I am grateful that I caught what I did and I hope it stirs our memory and hearts as we look back on our first experiences here. I hoped to be more diligent on sharing but I blinked…

and then it was autumn.

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